Changing the way we measure Experiential activity - Mash Market

It would be fair to say that ‘Experiential’ is a creative medium, better known for its ability to deliver a unique, original, ‘physical’ experience, rather than a medium used to deliver a message to the masses.

Unfortunately, for those of us who play in the Experiential space, the media and marketing landscape is shifting further and further towards delivering efficiencies in mass reach, powered by the advancements in digital media solutions, which also offer opportunities to deliver unique and original experiences to highly targeted audiences online.

So for Experiential, assuming that we get the unique and original ‘experience’ right, the aim is to expand our audience numbers and improve the efficiency of our medium, which we have done in the past through photo and video sharing on social media.

which brings us nicely to the point…

Understanding the potential reach of Experiential activity

We now have a way to measure the total location reach of our campaigns through live data, capturing footfall within a 30m radius of our activation zone. The data is updated every second, to a live dashboard, which shows us hourly and daily footfall as well as unique reach/visitors vs returning visitors.

In the digital world this number would be classified as impressions, in the Out Of Home industry this would be classified as LTS (likelihood to see). The number of people who saw, or had the potential to see, the activity, the brand, the messaging, but did not necessarily engage. By day and time of day, unique vs returning.

The data is captured on a small wifi enabled device, positioned in the event/activation zone, which captures the unique mac address of every wifi enabled mobile device (laptops, phones, tablets). A mac address is like a fingerprint, every device has a mac address, and every mac address is unique. The wifi unit within the activation zone is constantly scanning for (several times per second) every wifi enabled device within a 30m radius. Whether the device is in a bag, or a pocket, as long as it is switched on and is wifi enabled, we can capture the mac address, it requires no action from the passing customer.

What makes this even more exciting is that we are also currently trailing the demographic data which can also be picked up from the mac address, (gender, age, suburb and potentially even household income).

Can’t measure Experiential reach, you can now AND we’ll be able to provide demographic data with those reach numbers soon.