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Government Staff

Conference staff and our capacity to support the biggest conferences in Australia is a part of our business that we’re really proud of.

Registration, ushers, concierge, door scanning, information are the roles our team most commonly cover. Supported by our in-house Producers who oversee the team on-site (often in excess of 50 staff) to ensure compliance and quality of delivery.

Our staff are experienced across the corporate event industry – bringing an articulate manner, with a high degree of confidence and professionalism, to every booking.

We can also source and select entertainment staff, from specialist hosts to performers and presenters, to ensure your guests are delighted throughout the course of the event.

We understand the unique challenges that conferences and AGM’s pose and how critical the role of the conference staff is in the overall success of the event. That being said, we also know that ‘people’ are only one of many elements of the event. Which is why we support our conference partners with on-site producers, who can manage and motivate the conference staff, freeing up the event coordinators to manage everything else!

To find out more about our work in event staffing, corporate events and hospitality, take a look at our case studies, or request more information using the contact box above and one of our team will be in touch within the next 24 hours.

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