The Importance of Communication – Feedback

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We recently surveyed 500 of our new Mashers from the various Recruitment Drives  and, as well as providing some very positive responses and feedback on life as a Masher, we have also been able to take on board some of the constructive criticisms brought to us by some of our staff.

Positive feedback is wonderful to hear and believe you me, widely shared around the business and community but the negative stuff is crucial to us too and the ongoing improvement of all things MASH. The importance of communication when it comes to feedback for our clients should be high on your list as it helps us determine what, if anything needs changing.

I will be reporting back via this blog on each update and actions taken from the survey responses and in this one I’d like to deal with the crucial areas of Communication & Feedback.

Most Mashers were generally very pleased with our Moogle system and the various process within (92% rated it as Excellent or Good), however it has been brought to our attention that often, Mashers who have applied for jobs on Moogle have not been hearing back about why they were not selected for that particular role.

We have such respect for our field staff as they wake up on a Monday morning and have to go out and hunt for as much work as possible to fill their diaries so the least we can do is help them with this by streamlining our job booking process even further.

We have recently completed an update to our process where we will be able to send you specific feedback on your job application so that a) you can be free to book other work if unsuccessful and b) take on board the feedback to improve future applications.

Here are the areas of feedback we will be contacting you with ::

i) Weak application – You may not have replied to the advert with enough detail or without key, requested info so please read the whole advert thoroughly.

ii) Not enough related experience – Some brands/clients are very specific on the level of experience they require their Brand Ambassadors to have so you were either up against other applicants with more experience or you didn’t detail enough of said experience in your ad response.

iii) Not enough photos – Photos play a crucial part in helping sell your credentials in for that role so if you only have a few in your Moogle portfolio then you are already a step behind and missing out on work. It’s essential that the quality of these photos is high too. They don’t need to be professional but very clear, natural head-shots, upper-body shots and full-body shots.

iv) Insufficient availability – Client will generally ask for staff to be available for all or most of the dates of the activity and we need you to outline the days you can work in your ad response but sometimes this may just not be enough for that activity.

We will be adding to these as the situations arise but we really hope that this new feature will help you get even more transparency throughout the MASH Booking process.

Thanks as always for taking the time to speak to us and for helping us improve.

Happy Mashing.



Gregory Mason, Talent Director, MASH